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In times of uncertainty when the beautiful people of the fashion world are threatened to *gasp* pay more for labour costs, one man stands up. Jakobi Mugatu is the worlds leading fashion designer and this Super Lad isn't going to let some nobody from Malaysia ruin his vast empire.

Reasons why Mugatu is a Super Lad

* he is man enough to own a poodle

* he has a super hair style

* He draws inspiration from unlikely sources ie. homless

* He can get away with wearing a red leather cowboy styled outfit

* He is a master manipulator

* He owns his own day spa

* just the fact his name is jakobi mugatu

* he INVENTED the piano key neck tie

* he drinks latte's not pussy orange mocha frappachino's

In the end Mugatu is sadly defeated by two dimwitted male models but he does get to throw a ninja star which is pretty cool. 


The Power of Sauce