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Super Sauced
Part One - Fries Day
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It was just another day in Paradise for the crew until Ted overheard a conversation between two customers, a transvestite and what appeared to be their seeing eye dog. They were arguing about a plan that was going wrong and from what Ted could make out the dog seemed to be angry.
He wandered over to Walter who was cleaning up Livers vomit, Livers it seemed had been out partying the night before but was forced to come to work by his dad. Walter was having trouble shifting the vomit as he was only a spray gun and all he could really do was make it more watery. He was relieved when Ted came along to mop it up.
"Hey Walt" said Ted
"Can dogs get angry?"
"I spose"
"Do they yell when they're angry?"
"But that dog was"
Walter looked around just in time to see a disguised Captain Dogbeard and Witcheroo walk out the Good Fries exit.
Meanwhile back at the house Mother Moon and Garth were having the same old argument.
"Now really dear that much tequilla isn't good for a cactus"
"Pipe down ma I'm trying to drink"
"Now really thats quite enough"
Bart tried to but into the argument like the annoying turd he was.
"Comon now folks peace and love"
"Shut it Bart your as bad as my old lady" said Garth as he promptly rolled over and passed out.
The phone began to ring and Garth answered it with a groan
"Jeez Walt don't you know what time it is"
"it's 4pm"
"but wait garth Captain Dogbeard was just in here i think he's plotting something"
"alright i'll gather the troups and we'll meet you at the dock"
Walter asked Livers to cover for him as he rolled his way down to the dock and was surprised to see the crew already there.
"Hey lads lets do this" said Lin.
They all screamed GARTH, RYDER, LIN, WALTER, BART and promptly hit the deck. Then with a puff of cigar smoke Captain Plandit stood before them.
"Greetings crew Captain Dogbeard is planning something most upseting, he means to blow up the Good Fries restuarant and has already planted a bomb burger in the kitchen"
"Wait" interrupted Walter "Ted said they were arguing"
"Ted wouldn't know his arsehole from his earhole don't listen to a word he says, now here's the plan" he finnished his explanation and he dissapeared.
The crew hurried bact to the Good Fries and found Livers, Ted and Mr Stern tied up outside. Walter ignored their cries of help, Mr Stern was vunerable and maybe he could haggle a pay rise out of him before untieing them. Unfortunately Bart the dickhead had tried to act hero and untied them already.
Inside Dogbeard and Witcheroo were aboard Shippy Poppings and were doing the hustle on deck.
"Hey losers" barked Dogbeard but nobody replied because they didn't speak dog.
Garth, Bart and Walter began figting whilst Ryder and Lin sneaked into the back. They found the Bomb Burger and Lin sucked it into her vaccuum bag. They then sneaked aboard Shippy Poppings and stole Witcheroo's hormones. Ryder flipped Lins switch to reverse and the Bomb Burger landed in the bottle. The sneakily snuck off the ship.
Witcheroo was not feeling very manly at the moment, they were getting beaten by a spray gun, a heart who kept shrieking and a drunk cactus. He sculled his whole bottle of testosterone and exploded. Dogbeard escaped, he couldn't fight, he was after all a dog.

The Power of Sauce