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Super Sauced

Main Characters

Saucy Bands
Contacting Yours Truely
Super Lads
The Zany Adventures of Captain Plandit
Truely Terrible Song Lyrics
Super Sauced Out Sites
My Lovely Lads


Garth is a cactus from mexico and he is the leader of the crew. His powers include sting attack and rolly polly rumble.


Ryder is a lighter from Coober Pedy and is the prankster. He attacks with flame flicker and gassy bomb.


Lin is a vaccuum from China and is the only female in the group. Her attacks are suck and blow, roller and chord strangler.


Walter hails from England and represents the more sensible side of the five. His attacks are super spray and nozzle noogie.


Bart is the most loving of the group and is quite frankly a bit of a pussy. His attacks include pulsate and blood stain.


Captain Plandit is summoned when the crew fall over at the same time chanting garth, ryder, lin, watler, bart GO PLANDIT. He never really fights but he gives them really good ideas.

The Power of Sauce