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Super Sauced
Timmy H
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My Lovely Lads

Tim is my neighbour from across the alley and over the past 10 years I have seen this young man develop into a Super Lad. Reasons for this example of supreme awesomeness are as follows
* he has perfected dance moves such as doing the shopping and the sprinkler
* he organises things covering every possibility so drifters like me can just follow along knowing they are in tims capable hands
* his favourite celebrity is pauline hanson
* he's admits to liking controversial artists such as aaron carter
* he can make fun of just about anyone
* if he was in his favourite reality shows like the amazing race or survivour he would win easily but he is currently restricted to dreaming about achieving these goals due to his lack of american citizenship
* he runs funny
* he has no sympathy for anyone except himself
* he once let of a STINKBOMB at the SQUARE =o
* hes extremely vain
* he can go nuts at any given moment, its kinda like being with a timb bomb except someone stole the timer
* he can cook 


The Power of Sauce